Sleep ID

The Sleep iD mattress collection helps you make an informed decision™ using the latest in mattress support technology, the BodyMatch Program. This program identifies the sufficient support size for different body sizes so your side of the bed fits you personally...helping you find your individual comfort solutions.™

Sleep iD from Comfort Solutions®, offers you an opportunity to have a customized dual comfort sleep system. By launching the BodyMatch Program (see figure to the right) we will be able to recommend a support range of either a 1,2,3 or 4. Once you have your results, you can learn more about the Sleep iD mattress collection and it’s comfort design series, A, B, C or D that include conforming and individually wrapped coils topped by high performing foam layers.

sleep id a series bodymatch mattress Our starting series features options in 1 of 2 form fitting individually wrapped coil spring firmnesses. These spring systems are then placed, in a foam encased core, on the left or right side depending on order to size, and topped with upholstery layers that are combinations of high performance, eco-friendly poly – soy foams in strategic layers to fit body type.

sleep id b series bodymatch mattress The B Series models substitute the element of Talalay Latex foam for the Poly foam in A Series, for greater durability and sleeping comfort in the upper most layers, nearest the body. While latex cost a little more, the prevailing perception among retailers and consumers is the value is in balance with the additional expense. Latex is known to be among the most supportive and comfortable cushioning layers possible.

DELTA Series
For years science referred to DELTA Sleep as the level of sleep found to be the deepest and most restorative. At Comfort Solutions our mission is to bring the very best opportunity for this level of sleeping comfort into our elite edition of the Sleep ID program, the DELTA Series.

Beginning with a super stretch smooth quilt cover, for maximum conformity to the body, Delta Series models 1 through 4 put the sleeper closer to the deeper layers of upholstery toppers just below that surface. As with the A, and B groups we utilize options in firm or plush wrapped individual coils in a foam encased core.

INDIVIDUAL COMFORT SOLUTIONS - Intelligent Decisions in mattress comfort selection...

Sleep ID works toward helping you find the informational direction you may need to make an intelligent decision about what your personal sleeping comfort is all about.

In our Research and Development phase we called upon many years of dedicated effort as the makers of King Koil mattresses lines, Laura Ashley and many other collections to discover important steps in comfort.

Comfort Solutions continues to work regularly with the International Chiropractic Association to balance our ideas and design concepts with focused medical applications in supporting the spinal column sufficiently for people of all sizes. The ICA and Comfort Solutions are looking forward to new and exciting elements of sleeping comfort as our research continues. Link:

SUPPORT SIZES for Individual Comfort

  • Size 1 - Consider size one as those designs that are most suited to bodies that might purchase clothing in the SMALL sizes. This is not to say that we don’t make a Size 1 recommendation for people that may be rather tall… often times a tall and thin individual may be most comfortable and completely well supported by our size 1.
  • Size 2 - Sizes 2 and 3 are the most common in clothing sizes as Medium and Large. These sizes make up the largest group of people in our research. If your size is factored at size 2 you will also find an ALTERNATE size option to consider that will either be “down the scale” toward Size 1 or "up the scale" toward Size 3 depending on how close you are to either at the median point to Size 2 - AND, whether or not you are a Side Sleeper or Back Sleeper or Stomach Sleeper.
  • Size 3 - As noted above Size 3 people are quite common, as were many of our research group subjects. Size 3 support uses our firmer coil spring elements and stronger upholstery foams. As with all of our support size recommendations, an Alternate size is suggested for consideration to everyone. Individual comfort solutions will vary and your careful approach to what feels best to you is important. Our guidance system is a big help to clarifying adequate support, but do take the time to try any sleeping comfort product for several minutes in all of your favorite sleep posture positions.
  • Size 4 - Size 4 is designed for those of us that are above the average size ranges of medium and large. In this support range we supply the most supportive spring systems and our best foam layers for density and durable comfort. In cases in the past when a Size 4 person shares a bed with a Size 2 person for example the comfort solution is only adequate for one of them.